Mamajuana has a long history dating back to over 800 years. The original mamajuana drink was believed to be in the form of an herbal tea. Its discovery is credited to the Taino Indians, which inhabited the Caribbean and the region known as Hispañola, in the times prior to Christopher Columbus. It is said that mamajuana was used as a vitality drink and as their answer to well being.

Today's version of mamajuana, which is prepared with rum, wine and honey, is said to have been invented as a branded herbal medicine in the 1950s by a Mr. Jesus Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez co-wrote the song "Mama Juana" performed by Tatico Henriquez and was later recognized by other merengue típico artists such as Trio eynoso and El Cieguito De Nagua. As the drink became more popular for its health benefits, the Dominican government under President Rafael Trujillo sought to arrest anyone who was selling mamajuana without a certified medical license. In the 1970s, Rodriguez was force to flee to the United States and relocated to Manhattan, New York where he later passed away on May 26, 2013, due to pneumonia.

Don Ramon Mamajuana or "Mama Juana" continues to be a blend of exotic, wild grown, tree stems, barks, leaves, roots and spices native to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Rum, wine, honey and other ingredients are fermented in the mamajuana herbs and spices to produce a unique flavorful rum base liqueur.

Don Ramon Mamajuana herbs and spices gives rum a unique, woodsy, chamomile, cinnamon and anis flavor. Mamajuana from the Dominican Republic is said to quickly energize and vitalize both men and women.

The local residents refer to Mamajuana as the "Baby Maker" and "El Para Palo", which means Lift the Stick. The Dominicans say;

Whatever tortures you – Mamajuana takes care of it”