Welcome to Don Ramon Mamajuana Corp., the premier producer, bottler and worldwide exporter of authentic Dominican Republic mamajuana herbs. Mamajuana, also referred to as Mama Juana, is a combination of wild herbs and spices native to the Dominican Republic. Mamajuana or Mama Juana is a popular item sold and consumed throughout the Dominican Island to the locals and tourists visiting the Dominican Republic. We offer our Dominican mamajuana in both polybag form and bottled.

Mamajuana is commonly mixed by the consumer with; rum, wine, honey and other natural ingredients to produce a unique, flavorful liqueur. The Locals of the Dominican Republic make all sorts of wonderful claims about mamajuana. Drinking mamajuana is said to offer vitality, natural energy and many personal benefits. Mamajuana also spelled Mama Juana, when mixed with dark, light or your favorite fruit flavored rum, makes an excellent, smooth after dinner liqueur drink.

The Don Ramon Mamajuana family is the only producer of mamajuana in the Dominican Republic to offer a proprietary blend of 17 herbs and spices. All other producers offer between 5 to 7 herbs in their blend. Every bottle and polybag of mamajuana is provided with our authentic mamajuana recipes.

Hands holding Mamajuana Herbs from the Dominican Republic

Don Ramon Mamajuana is the only producer of mamajuana to utilize a special cleansing process to help remove typically found contaminates such as; insects, mold and dirt found in wild plants. This cleaning process provides a safe, higher quality product. After the cleansing process, the mamajuana is sun dried in order to meet Export and USDA and FDA standards upon importation in to the U.S.

Our bottles are new, not recycled. A bottle of Don Ramon mamajuana herbs can be refilled with your favorite recipe over and over again. It is common for natives to have the same bottle of fermented mamajuana rum for over 10 years. Use Don Ramon mamajuana fermented rum for all your rum mixes. Makes a great after dinner liqueur.

Try our Don Ramon Mamajuana and see for yourself why they say that "Don Ramon Mamajuana Te Para El Palo".